Lessening lending complexity, improving processes


Q2 lets ABN AMRO provide fast, flexible solutions without extensive in-house development.

Increased readiness
to accommodate changes in demand from the market and regulators
Greatly reduced
time to market
Significantly decreased
the throughput time to obtain a loan
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"Choosing to work with Q2 was the right move for us. We faced a short time to market because the most needed loan functionalities were available within the Cloud Lending modules."

Emiel Schoonderwoerd, Product Owner, ABN AMRO


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Assets Under Management
€ 381 billion
Q2 Lending


ABN AMRO needed to address regulatory needs quickly

The ABN AMRO Customized Lending team sought a fast, flexible solution that didn’t require extensive in-house development.With a goal of improving its ability to bring products to market quickly and efficiently, ABN AMRO found its solution through Q2. 


Q2 Lending checked all the boxes (and more)

ABN AMRO and Q2’s relationship is delivering consumer and business loans to retail and private banking customers. Q2 Lending allowed ABN AMRO to easily integrate with its existing landscape, including several internal and external APIs.


By working with Q2, ABN AMRO:

  • Decreased the throughput time to obtain a loan
  • Digitized the commercial customer journey
  • Increased readiness to accommodate a change in demand from the market or regulators

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